shit fran says
I’m hardcore! I do hardcore parkour! …what’s parkour?
learning what kids do nowadays
I have cute elbows.
after a discussion about plastic surgery
This is worse than when LOST had polar bears!
confused about a tv show.
I’m turning into your grandpa. I’m gonna have his haircut soon.
about aging.
I want you to look ugly!
my mom wants me to get hired for the RIGHT reasons.
I don’t agree with the human race. Anatomy is awful.
her point of view on body parts and aging.
Potassium chloride. Isn’t that like a salty banana?
reasons why she never helped me with science homework.
I’m so fleshy.
as she pokes at her neck.
That’s the new thing. Germ warfare! Everyone is sick. It’s working!
she thinks she’s figured out the terrorists’ next move.
I have to hold my ear when I talk because otherwise I hear it in my head.